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Products & Services


Conveying systems

Filter presses

Belt and screw presses, screens, drains

Disc and drum filters

Thermal systems

Thickeners and flocculent systems

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters.

Conventional and High-Rate Thickeners

Flocculant make-up and dosing plants.

Linear Screens.

Disc pastillator

Drum flaker

Plate dryer

Paddle dryers

Drum dryer

Water intake systems

Resin traps

Bow screens

Distributor / collector systems

Reactor internals (Center pipes, Outer screens, Cover plates, Feed diffuser, Outlet collector, Conial covers, etc.)

Analytical Systems (AS) – “turnkey” Online Integrated Analytical Systems for all Process applications

Online Analyzer system complete of shelter/cabinet/rack with all necessary equipment (sample take-off, transport and treatment) allowing the proper functioning of all types of analyzers

Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS)

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

Manual samplers for liquids, gases, vapors (Laboratory Sampling Systems)

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Industrial automation systems including Fire & Gas.

Laboratory Equipment (LE) - “turnkey” Laboratories and Industrial Workshops

Engineering, Design & Layout

Technical furniture: Work Benches, Fume Hoods, Reagent Cabinets, Cylinder Boxes;

Electrical, Hydraulic and Exhaust systems;

Distribution Networks of Carrier Gases and Special Gases;

Technical Glassware, Consumables and Chemicals;

Mechanical and Electrical Tools;

Material Testing Machines.

Laboratory Equipment:

Mass spectrometry (GC-MS, LC-MS);

Gas phase chromatography (Standard and Engineered GC);

Liquid phase chromatography (HPLC, UHPLC);

Molecular spectroscopy (UV-VIS-NIR, FTIR);

Atomic Spectroscopy / X-RAY (Atomic emission (ICP-MS and OES), Atomic absorption (AA), Fluorescence and RX diffraction);

TOC and Elementary Analysis;

Material Testing Equipment (Thermal Analysis, Dimensional Particle Analysis);

Software Management: Data Analysis, Integrated Data Management, Integration on LIMS Systems;

Instrumentation for analysis on fuels complying with ASTM, IP, EN, ISO, DIN Standards;

Minor equipment and various accessories (Stoves and incubators, Technical and analytical balances, miscellaneous spare parts, etc.)

Machine Automation (MA)

Machine Monitoring and Automation Systems on Critical Machines (Turbines, Reciprocating and Centrifugal Compressors, Blowers, Pumps, Gearboxes and Motors);

Specialized Services on Machines as Troubleshooting, Performance Test, Commissioning & Start-up.

Turnkey projects, from Design and Engineering, to Field Installation, Commissioning and Start-Up for VMS (Vibration Monitoring Systems) and ODS (Overspeed Detection Systems), Control Panels, Machine Retrofit and Reliability Improvement;

Online Lubrication Oil Analyzer;

Automated Lubrication Systems on Reciprocating Compressors.

Dipietro ISO 18436 CAT. II field service engineers provide specialized services on critical machines as:

Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting;

Performance test on Turbocompressors;

Surge test;

Trim Balance;

Machine commissioning and startup;

Bently Nevada Configurations and Loopcheck;

Laser Alignment;


Oil Analysis and filtration.

Dipietro Group is official partner of Baker Hughes for Bently Nevada Online Protection and Monitoring Systems.

Marine Loading Arms

Hose Loaders

Hose Towers

Vapour Return Hose Reels

Total Jetty Concepts

Accessories for Marine Loading Equipment

Truck & Train Loading Arms

Loading Stations

PD Flowmeters

Double Case PD Flowmeters

Single Case PD Flowmeters

Master Meters, Tank Provers, Basket Strainers

Flowmeters – customized solutions to satisfy the specific needs of the Customers

PortBin Toolbox

PortBin tide

PortBin tide XL

PortBin TrashTrawl

PortBin ShoreCleaner

PortBin Seabed

Produced Water & Injection Water treatment

Desalination & raw water pre-treatment

Demineralization Systems

Condensate Polishing Units


Effluent Water Treatment

Sanitary Water Treatment and Drinking Water Makers

Cooling Water Filtration

Storm Water Treatment System

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants

Membrane bio reactor (MBR)

Sequence batch reactor (SBR)

Ultrafiltration systems

Filtration systems

Desalination and Drinking water production plant

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Zero Liquid Discharge System

Water recovery by membrane bio-reactor

Steam Generators

Fire Tube Steam Boilers

Water Tube Steam Generators

Flash Coil Boilers

Hot Water Heaters

Thermal Fluid Heaters – Hot Oil

Higher Efficiency Boilers

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

Boiler Control System

Electronic Instruments Automatic Control Systems




Thermocouple & Resistance Thermometer Spares

Thermocouples & Resistance Thermometers Supplementary Notes

Transmitters / Detectors

Weighing Systems

Complete Automatic Control Systems

Greenhouse Automation Systems

Wireless Pressure Gauge

DOWNHOLE Wireless Telemetry

Intelligent Sampling

Wireless GAMMA Correlation

Wireless Thermal Imaging

Intelligent TCP Firing Head

Multi Cycle Wireless Sliding Sleeve

Single Shot Wireless Sliding Sleeve

Single Shot Wireless SHUT-IN-TOOL

ROV Deployable Subsea Telemetry

Monitoring and detection services

Vessels on collision course - Asset protection

Oil spill detection and polluter identification for offshore assets

BlueDeal - Environmental monitoring for drilling campaigns

Seabird and mammal monitoring and documentation

Consultancy services
Sensors and systems

SeaDarQ Radar Oil spill detection system

The SECurus system

ROV camera streaming

Satellite monitoring and remote sensing

OceanEye - Aerostat

FLIR Infrared Camera systems


SeaCOP software system is the only system you need for your monitoring, detection and surveillance operations, one centralised operator, managing multiple operations covering multiple locations.

Offshore Booms, Coastal Booms, Harbour Oil Booms, Absorbents, Oil Trawl Booms, Containment Barriers, Inflatable Tents, Silt Curtain, Lifting Balloons, Water weight, Tarpaulin for Boat Storage, Spanker, Windbreak, Cover for wooden bath dubs

Orifice Fitting

Orifice Meter Run

Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Meters

Flow measurement systems / accessories / valves / fittings

Reciprocating compressors API 618 for gas industry and petrochemical application – Authorized service center for the sale of original spare parts and service

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