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About Us

APPS was founded to provide superior services which meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, through the development of mutually successful partnerships with our customers, employees and suppliers, through open communications, trust and teamwork.

Our task is to continue to earn a reputation of integrity, service and diversity that is unmatched in our industry. We call this “The Dependable Difference.”

APPS vision is to be a regional leader in the provision of the safest and highest quality solutions to the energy sector, driven by local personnel, technical innovation, and value addition.

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Core Value

We believe in establishing and maintaining close working relationships with each of our clients and in taking time to understand their particular businesses and objectives. This approach frequently enables us to assist our clients in developing effective strategies for maximizing opportunities.

We strive to become the adviser of first choice to each of our clients and we will achieve this through adherence to professionally evolving client objectives. Our success will be measured in the generation of long term business relationships with our esteemed Clients.

All our products come with our assurance of unmatched, superior service, support and commitment. All systems are backed by our experienced service and support team who will be available to extend you a helping hand whenever you need it. This will ensure smooth operations and peace of mind.

Products & Services


Conveying systems

Filter presses

Belt and screw presses, screens, drains

Disc and drum filters

Thermal systems

Thickeners and flocculent systems

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters.

Conventional and High-Rate Thickeners

Flocculant make-up and dosing plants.

Linear Screens.

Disc pastillator

Drum flaker

Plate dryer

Paddle dryers

Drum dryer

Water intake systems

Resin traps

Bow screens

Distributor / collector systems

Reactor internals (Center pipes, Outer screens, Cover plates, Feed diffuser, Outlet collector, Conial covers, etc.)

Produced Water & Injection Water treatment

Desalination & raw water pre-treatment

Demineralization Systems

Condensate Polishing Units


Effluent Water Treatment

Sanitary Water Treatment and Drinking Water Makers

Cooling Water Filtration

Storm Water Treatment System

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants

Membrane bio reactor (MBR)

Sequence batch reactor (SBR)

Ultrafiltration systems

Filtration systems

Desalination and Drinking water production plant

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Zero Liquid Discharge System

Water recovery by membrane bio-reactor

Steam Generators

Fire Tube Steam Boilers

Water Tube Steam Generators

Flash Coil Boilers

Hot Water Heaters

Thermal Fluid Heaters – Hot Oil

Higher Efficiency Boilers

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

Boiler Control System

Electronic Instruments Automatic Control Systems




Thermocouple & Resistance Thermometer Spares

Thermocouples & Resistance Thermometers Supplementary Notes

Transmitters / Detectors

Weighing Systems

Complete Automatic Control Systems

Greenhouse Automation Systems

Wireless Pressure Gauge

DOWNHOLE Wireless Telemetry

Intelligent Sampling

Wireless GAMMA Correlation

Wireless Thermal Imaging

Intelligent TCP Firing Head

Multi Cycle Wireless Sliding Sleeve

Single Shot Wireless Sliding Sleeve

Single Shot Wireless SHUT-IN-TOOL

ROV Deployable Subsea Telemetry


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